Today we had our last buddy time. For our last buddy time we had a special time called breakfast with buddies. Every student brought something to eat. After everyone has put their food on the table and got something to, eat everybody sat down to watch the Bee Movie. We watched until we had break so the buddies came up with us to play and after we continued the movie. Everybody was really enjoying themselves. The food was great everyone liked the movie and was silent, so we really had a great time. When the movie ended we said bye to our buddies. after they left everyone starting packing up and cleaning up (the class was a bit messy). I think that breakfast with buddies was great. 
Welcome to my LED conference blog post. Here I am going to share the work I am proud and the work I think I need to improve at. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!

- Risk-taker, tyrolean traverse - I chose to reflect about this peace because it is a very scary, exiting and awesome moment for me. After I have done it I felt good. I think I felt a lot better and stronger then somebody that wasn't scared.
You can see pictures from tyrolean traverse here
You Can also see my camp reflection here

Vocabulary/ Language - In the start of the year I sort of knew English (only knew basic things). No after more then 9 months in this school my vocabulary has expended a lot. My word choice is much bigger then in the start of the year. I think this school has made my English much better then the other school last year especially because of the blogs. I am very proud of the progress I made during the past 9 months. You can also compare from my blog post in September - May -  June.

UOI - Exhibition, cooperating - during the Exhibition I was questioning a lot. Instead of asking my group - mates (Phoebe or Dawson) I always went to Andy. I need to improve on using my group - mates when working on group work. Although there was a few up and downs I really really enjoyed the Exhibition and I think it was a great experience and challenge.
Here is my Exhibition Reflection.

Radio Show - Trying to use my group - mate and not using the teacher - connecting to the Exhibition I am now working on the Radio Show with Dawson.
We are working on Garage Band and making the perfect script together. I think I am doing excellent cooperating with Dawson and that our Radio Show is going to be one of the best.

Mandarin - When I first started Mandarin this year I didn't know a word. Now, I am in the Standard Group of Mandarin and I know a lot. click here to see the work I am proud off - I am proud of these 2 voicethreads because I put a lot of effort to them. Click here to see the work I am not really proud off - I am not proud of these work because in the matching I sort of guessed. I think I am where I need to be and I don't really want to be in the highest group. I also really enjoy being in the standard group, a lot more than the beginners. I think my goal has been achieved and I am looking forward to start learning Spanish next year.

Music - Playing The Clarinet - I chose to play on the clarinet this year. I have been playing for almost a year now and I am really good. I am learning really fast and I think the clarinet is a good instrument for me. You can see me playing here. The class has already had there concert. You ca. My difficulty was to make low notes. They are hard to make because you have to push a lot of air in.

Goals - 1. Continue Blogging - I really like blogging it's a fun experience, good for your computer skills and it really improve my English.
            2. Learn about macs more - I was introduced to macs these year. They are awesome gadgets and I am really good at them. I really want to learn even more, so for next year I am 
This is the 5th Grade last song - guantanamera
This is the 5th Grade 2nd song - Attack of the slide trombones
This is grade's 5 first song - Latin Fire.
1. As we organized our posters on the boards, we really got together as a group and discussed on where should the posters be stapled until everybody was happy. When we sat things on the desk such as laptops, comment boxes and a guest book, we did the same thing. Throughout the whole Exhibition our booth was nice and organized.

2. The thing I think I did well during the Exhibition is calling people around to come see the Pink Dolphins 1 booth. I continue sly went around the gym shouting "come see the Pink Dolphin 1 booth". I think I was a risk taker because I wasn't afraid to shout that sentence even when When older kids like grade 10 where visiting.

3. The only thing I think I didn't do well was cooperating with my group. Before talking with my group I went to a teacher. I think I can improve by reminding myself to use my group members.     
                                                              Gigi and Elen in the
Here the Grade 2's just entered and the
guides are leading them through the
posters to the knowledge - bank  
Knowledge bank
                                     Tristan is explaining something
                                      to either the 9th pr 10th graders.
Now it's Friday. It's the last day of the Exhibition. The time is currently 1:08 PM. We have already had people from K3 all the way to G10. We have got just more and more and more people coming to our booth, some sighed and some just watched or listed. Although I got board sometimes but the Exhibition was great until now. I also really liked volunteering for jobs.   
We are currently running the Exhibition in the Middle/High school gym. The froth graders and a 7th grade class have already been in the gym looking in people's booths and they have already been signing stuff and getting logos or informations about their group. My group the pink dolphins are doing quiet well so far. We have got some sings for our Marine club, people have played from our games and many people have already commented either in the comment box or the guide book. Other groups seem to be going well too. We have practiced speeches, we looked at all the iMovies and presentations. We are practicing for the parents night today. People are also working in different jobs such as, V-TOUR TEAM, Journalists, bloggers and so on... The V-TOUR TEAM is really exciting. It's exciting because the V-TOUR TEAM show all the groups in live and different schools can go on - line and watch. There is a school from China watching us right now!!!!! (maybe from Japan too). So far I am really enjoying the Exhibition and I am really looking forward to see everyone else in our Exhibition.
You can see the Exhibition blog to see how the Exhibition is going. GO TO      
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The Exhibition is in a week time from here and I would like to share some things.
I think I have helped my group a lot; researching, making presentations, helping with the Marine club and updating the Wiki.
We still  have to create posters and make people see our Marine club.
I am proud of what I found, what I organized, what I created, what I learned and what I have achieved to accomplish in the past week.
I think that people will learn from our Exhibition that polluting the sea and treating Marine animals badly is a bad thing and even if you help just a little and other people start helping it's going to turn into something big!