Day 1
When we all got to the camp area after we took the junk boat to the island, the directors introduced themselves to us.Than we looked at the toilet (that was not a nice experience). Then the teachers spread us out into our tent group and each tent group had a director that helped us built the tent.
After that we spread out into our daily groups so we can discuss about our name.
It ended up that our name is Oompa Loompa. (The other groups name was Purple Cobras and the other one was X Ray.)
After we did all that we had some group activities.
For dinner we had pasta that I did not like at all.
Day 2
In the morning we ate breakfast after we did a morning exercise.
Than our group (Oompa Loompa) went to practise abseiling, then we did rock climbing. There were 3 walls:1st wall was the easiest the 2nd wall was the hardest and the 3rd wall was intermediate. After we ate lunch we went for the tyrolean.
The tyrolean is an activity where there are two cliffs and they are separate.
Between those cliffs there is a rope where you slide all the way to the other cliff.
Again the food in dinner was bad!!
Day 3
After we ate breakfast we went for the real abseil.
The real abseil is the same as the practise abseil except that the real abseil is a lot higher. After we ate lunch we did the Star Challenge. In the Star Challenge, our group spread out into two groups and so did the other two groups.
When we started the Star Challenge we had missions and the idea was to get as much missions as possible completed. When we finished, the director combined group one and two's missions together and whoever has the most missions done wins.
Dinner was better because there was pasta bolognese.   
Day 4
After we ate breakfast the directors told us to pack our big bags.
Than we packed the tents. After we went to a house, there were two people who live there and we put our big bag right next to the house.
After we went climbing to a little mountain, where we got our certificate and we took photos of the groups and the whole class.
After that we went on the boat that took us to Hong Kong Island, then we took a bus to HKA were we met our parents.
Dinner was great!!!

Favorite Activities
Tyrolean -  It was fun because the sliding was awesome (when you slide there is a great view).      
Abseil -  It was fun because when I started going down it was scary and when I finished I felt very good.
Rock Climbing -  It was fun because the Rock Climbing is a bit like a combination between Rock Climbing and Abseiling.

Worst Activities
Food -  It was bad because if you don't eat, you will be hungry. I couldn't eat the food but Andy was very very nice to me because he gave me sandwiches on the 1st day and rice on the 2nd day.

I think camp was amazing and I am very proud of myself for being a risk taker and talking about my problems to Andy.