Today we went to the Chin Lin Nunnery which is a Buddhism temple. First we took a bus from school to the temple (it took 45 minuets to get there). After we got of the bus we had snack. Then we saw an orange bridge which was connected to a solid gold building. After a while of drawing on our I believe book we split to our tent groups because the people told us that we are a big group and that we make too much noise. Everything around there was with trees and special rocks. After that we looked around a souvenir shop that had very expensive praises. Then we went to an building that had chinese architecture. Then we saw some fish in a lake. After that we continued to see the main place where all the Buddhas were. There were lots of big and small Buddhas and each place there had fruits that were given to the Buddhas. After that all the groups met together and we took the bus to school.      
Up is the gold building and down is the location of the temple
I have also done a voicethread about the trip.