Today we went to a Mosque in Wan Chai (a Mosque is a Islamic temple). In the entrance we saw some pictures of Mosques in Hong Kong and all over the world. After a while we walked to the 6th floor where we met a guy named Imam Yang.
In the 6th floor we asked him questions and he answered and told us about Islam religion. He told us lots of things for example, he told us about Ramadan and that it is the ninth month and you fast in that month. After that we had a look at the female praying room. In Islam they pray in separate floors. Then we went to see the male praying room. In the male praying room there were Arab writing but there were no pictures. After that we went to see the changing rooms. They have changing rooms because every time they pray they have to clean themselves before that. After that we thank the guy and went on the bus.