Hello parents and welcome to my Parent Teacher Conference here
I am going to share my older pieces of work and some of my recent and best pieces of work. 


As a writer I think I have improved in so many areas. This piece of writing shows how I used to write. I didn't add enough thoughts and at times it was difficult to follow my thoughts and understand what I was saying. I have selected this piece of writing to show how I have improved. I have begun to add more detail to my posts, using more descriptive adjectives. Below is where I marked myself on the rubric.
If the pictures are not clear. Click here to get a better look
I also wrote a blog post about my profiles. Click here to see the blog posts.
My profiles are good because they describe myself. I haven't changed much
in my profiles until now.
I also have some good math sheets that I have done. Click here to some of them.
I didn't do so well on these math pieces but now I am improving so much in tests,
homework and listening in class.  
I have some U.O.I  work that I am proud of. Click here to go to them.
I am really pleased with the work I have done on U.O.I. I think I have
improved so much since the start of the year.
My goals
I had to reflect about my goals that was written in January. I think that I have achieved all the goals I said except number #2. I think the goals I set for myself then are very good because they show my problems.  
Thank you parents and hope you will be proud of what I have achieved from the start of the year till now.