Two days ago I had my soccer tournament at the Hong Kong Football Club in Happy Valley.
I was playing for Brazilian Soccer School. First match we played against DB Dragons team 1 and we tied 0 - 0. Then we played against Tai Tam team 1 and tied again 0 - 0. After that we played against Hong Kong Football Academy and won them 3 - 0 with one goal from me. After that we went to the quarterfinals against our own team but they were team 2. We won them 1 - 0. After that we had a very tough match against Hong Kong Football Club 1 which are one of the most tough teams in my league. Amazingly we won them 1 - 0 and defended very well. Finally we were in the finals against the same team from the 1st round, DB Dragons team 1. It was a tough match but from a kick to my head and goal!!! We won the tournament!!!! everyone got a medal and we we