We are currently running the Exhibition in the Middle/High school gym. The froth graders and a 7th grade class have already been in the gym looking in people's booths and they have already been signing stuff and getting logos or informations about their group. My group the pink dolphins are doing quiet well so far. We have got some sings for our Marine club, people have played from our games and many people have already commented either in the comment box or the guide book. Other groups seem to be going well too. We have practiced speeches, we looked at all the iMovies and presentations. We are practicing for the parents night today. People are also working in different jobs such as, V-TOUR TEAM, Journalists, bloggers and so on... The V-TOUR TEAM is really exciting. It's exciting because the V-TOUR TEAM show all the groups in live and different schools can go on - line and watch. There is a school from China watching us right now!!!!! (maybe from Japan too). So far I am really enjoying the Exhibition and I am really looking forward to see everyone else in our Exhibition.
You can see the Exhibition blog to see how the Exhibition is going. GO TO