Today we had our Chinese New Year Assembly. We were the leading class to take the whole primary school to the Middle School Gym. We had a band that played and we switched every class including with both the lion and the teaser. I got to play on the Gong, the drum and I also got to be the lion. The lions job is to get the lettuce that was laid from the door.
When we got to the gym we sat down in a row and watched all the classes doing their own performance. Can you believe it even the K3 had their own performance. Then Shane called us to line up in our order. Then each costume came up as 2 people introduced the costume in both Mandarin and English. I am very proud of what my group have managed to make in 6 weeks time.     
2/11/2010 05:28:41 pm

A good blog post. We could put a very short video here as well to show the lion leading all of the students.


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