On Saturday Earth Hour is coming up. I have thought of what should I do and how can I help.
1st I am going to close the lights.
2nd I am not going to use any electronics (that would be hard).
3rd I am going to ask a fried out so I don't get bored. We will play out - side.
3/25/2010 12:32:21 pm

Not using any electronics would be very hard to do. You need to do your homework on the computer sometimes, like blogging. Instead, you can try to reduce the amount of electricity, by turning off your computer right after you finish your homework.

3/25/2010 01:41:36 pm

Playing with friends outside is a great option, when done with your homework.

3/26/2010 06:11:15 pm

You are really helping earth at that earth hour.Here at isreal everybody is always on the computer,PSP or gameboy.

4/2/2010 06:32:21 am

thats going to help the earth out alot in america most people are watching tv, playing games, or leaving lights on



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