1. As we organized our posters on the boards, we really got together as a group and discussed on where should the posters be stapled until everybody was happy. When we sat things on the desk such as laptops, comment boxes and a guest book, we did the same thing. Throughout the whole Exhibition our booth was nice and organized.

2. The thing I think I did well during the Exhibition is calling people around to come see the Pink Dolphins 1 booth. I continue sly went around the gym shouting "come see the Pink Dolphin 1 booth". I think I was a risk taker because I wasn't afraid to shout that sentence even when When older kids like grade 10 where visiting.

3. The only thing I think I didn't do well was cooperating with my group. Before talking with my group I went to a teacher. I think I can improve by reminding myself to use my group members.     
                                                              Gigi and Elen in the
Here the Grade 2's just entered and the
guides are leading them through the
posters to the knowledge - bank  
Knowledge bank
                                     Tristan is explaining something
                                      to either the 9th pr 10th graders.

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