Today we went to a Sikh Temple at the end of Stubbs road. For this trip we needed a hair covering because that's what you need to do in Sikh religion. Before we got in we had to take our shoes off and wash our hands. After a few minutes of writing some stuff down in our I Believe journal we had to kind of pray to show respect. Then we got a fruit and a thing that I didn't really like. (It was sort of a Sikh food). After that we went to a classroom in the Sikh temple and in there a guy who is a religion teacher and he told us all the main things that represent the Sikh religion. After that we went to eat lunch in the Sikh temple because in the Sikh temple they serve food for 24 hours and everyone can come and eat and all you need to do is cover your hair. In their religion everyone is equal so they serve food for everyone!!!

The food we had was dal, curry, rice and achapatti. It was 50 – 50.

I learned that Sikh religion is only a bit more than 400 year's old!!!

I understand they never have a hair cut because in their religion god gave them the body and that includes hair so they don't want to cut because it is like you cut your body and god gave the body to you so it is offensive.                      
Hindu Temple Visit
11/29/2009 09:11:58 am

nice paragraph

but you could have seperated some paragaphs

and thanks for writing on my blog


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