our Square Guidelines
Grade 5 Four Square Guidelines / Rules
1. Players should have respect and good sportsmanship
2. Everybody is playing for themselves.
3. No teaming up on other people.
4. There is no insulting or laughing at someone because he either missed a shot or he is not so good at four square.
5. Take care of how hard and where you hit the ball when you have a big chance to smack it.
6. The judge should be fair. (call loudly)
7. The judges decision is final.
8. Players should not try to influence the judge.
9. The judges should call people out for teaming up on other people.
Mr. Miller
3/23/2010 01:55:51 pm

Hi Omer,

Well done. Excellent explanation of the etiquette of four square. My grade six students have been playing four square for their PE class and we are enjoying it. There are so many different variations to the rules, thanks for setting these terrific guidelines. I love your blog too, you have done a lot of work on it and should be proud!

Mr. Miller

3/23/2010 02:22:01 pm

Great set of rules. "judge" is fine although "referee" is used more often in sports.


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