First thing in blogging is sustainability. You have to blog a lot to make your blog successful, if you don't your blog is going to turn boring and nobody will visit it, so here are some idea on how to blog from my point of view from the past 6 months.
  • You need a good blog post subject to right about. Think about some that interests you or some very exiting that happened to you.
  • Linking is also important. It make the reader think you know what you are writing about (try not to use Wikipedia all the time)
  • When you write about something for example, your holiday try to express your feelings, it would make the reader understand what happened a little more.
  • When you write a blog try to use more exiting words amazing, enthusiastic, incredible and so on..
  • Blogs are great because they check your spelling mistakes but if something happens to your computer and you are writing straight on your blog there is a chance you will lose all your work. The best thing to do is write on word documents because they save your work if something happens.
  • The computer checks your spellings but a lot of kids just ignore that, so please don't be lazy.
  • If you write about your holiday including pictures could be a great thing. What pictures do is show what you did over the holiday and also connect to your writing.
  • If you are a beginner you should start off by looking on other people's blogs. Here is a link, and here is a link.
If you follow all these ideas you would get a successful b
4/29/2010 03:41:38 pm

Good job on writing about this blog. It will give many students idea and tips on how to write a successful blog. I like that you suggested people to put up their pictures for their holiday.

Mr. MIller
5/3/2010 06:23:44 am

I agree - these are excellent tips! You have obviously thought this challenge question out before you began writing. I'd suggest that new bloggers not only visit other blogs for ideas, but also leave lots of comments so others will visit your blog in return.

Keep up the great work - you're blog just keeps getting better!

Mr. Miller
Chalone Peaks Middle School


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