Welcome to my LED conference blog post. Here I am going to share the work I am proud and the work I think I need to improve at. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!

- Risk-taker, tyrolean traverse - I chose to reflect about this peace because it is a very scary, exiting and awesome moment for me. After I have done it I felt good. I think I felt a lot better and stronger then somebody that wasn't scared.
You can see pictures from tyrolean traverse here
You Can also see my camp reflection here

Vocabulary/ Language - In the start of the year I sort of knew English (only knew basic things). No after more then 9 months in this school my vocabulary has expended a lot. My word choice is much bigger then in the start of the year. I think this school has made my English much better then the other school last year especially because of the blogs. I am very proud of the progress I made during the past 9 months. You can also compare from my blog post in September - May -  June.

UOI - Exhibition, cooperating - during the Exhibition I was questioning a lot. Instead of asking my group - mates (Phoebe or Dawson) I always went to Andy. I need to improve on using my group - mates when working on group work. Although there was a few up and downs I really really enjoyed the Exhibition and I think it was a great experience and challenge.
Here is my Exhibition Reflection.

Radio Show - Trying to use my group - mate and not using the teacher - connecting to the Exhibition I am now working on the Radio Show with Dawson.
We are working on Garage Band and making the perfect script together. I think I am doing excellent cooperating with Dawson and that our Radio Show is going to be one of the best.

Mandarin - When I first started Mandarin this year I didn't know a word. Now, I am in the Standard Group of Mandarin and I know a lot. click here to see the work I am proud off - I am proud of these 2 voicethreads because I put a lot of effort to them. Click here to see the work I am not really proud off - I am not proud of these work because in the matching I sort of guessed. I think I am where I need to be and I don't really want to be in the highest group. I also really enjoy being in the standard group, a lot more than the beginners. I think my goal has been achieved and I am looking forward to start learning Spanish next year.

Music - Playing The Clarinet - I chose to play on the clarinet this year. I have been playing for almost a year now and I am really good. I am learning really fast and I think the clarinet is a good instrument for me. You can see me playing here. The class has already had there concert. You ca. My difficulty was to make low notes. They are hard to make because you have to push a lot of air in.

Goals - 1. Continue Blogging - I really like blogging it's a fun experience, good for your computer skills and it really improve my English.
            2. Learn about macs more - I was introduced to macs these year. They are awesome gadgets and I am really good at them. I really want to learn even more, so for next year I am 

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