On Tuesday I showed my bag of beliefs. The bag of belief thing is when each student had to bring a bag with 4 or 5 items that represent yourself. The items could represent your religion, what kind of things to you think is important for you and etc...
My iteams were: 1st was picture of me and my friends and I trophy that my friend gave me when I left Israel and another picture was me with my family. 2nd was my passport, to represents that I love traveling. 3rd was a soccer medal and a trophy I got from my tennis group, that represents sports. 4th was a Balcelona hat and a picture of me holding the champions league trophy in Barcelona, that represents my favorite soccer team. (Barcelona)
Last was Bisli and Bamba. Bisli Bamba is an Israeli snack that I like a lot, that represents that I love Israeli Snacks.

I liked That bag of bellief lesson because you get to share you favorite stuff.      
11/18/2009 02:02:40 pm

Omer, I enjoyed watching you talk about your bag of beliefs. I really like the trophy your friends gave you before you left Israel. It was a very thoughtful gift, with a sweet Hebrew message on it. The picture of your dad and you holding the champions league trophy was quite impressive. I wish I could try out your Israel's snack. Save some for me!!!


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