Two days ago we had our sports day. The sports day is all day (8:30 - 3:30) and all you do is sport. Each class had their own color and animal. My class name was the blue dragons. Their were 4 colors and 4 animals, red, orange, green and blue, and Dragons, Phenix, Pandas and Tigers. In primary school the goal was to be the spirit class which means the most sportive class gets a certificate, and in middle school you were scoring points for the team you were on (example, green Pandas).
Our first event was soccer. Their were two goals and two lines, you had to go around the cones in a slalom and shoot and score. The goalies were switching every so often and sometimes it was easy to score and sometimes it wasn't. our class scored 60 goals in 15 minutes and then we moved on to the baseball shooting. The point was to hit the ball as far as you can with the best technique. I wasn't that good because I don't play baseball. After that we had a quick rest and then went on to play with the boulders. In the boulder area we had to dribble the ball around in the way the teacher tells us to like, go backwards to the cone, around it and back. The boulder game was pretty tiering and now we had to play flag football (American football). In the flag football their were two lines. One line was attacking and one line was defending. The attachers job was to got around the cones and touch - down before the defense guy would come and pull the flag. Although the defense team also needed to go around the cones and only then they could defend and pull the flag. I think the attacking was easier because I am a good runner. After the flag football we went to this moving and jumping thing. Our first mission was the sack contest. Their were 2 teams and the idea was that everyone jumps with the sack going around the cone and seating down. Unfortunately my team lost but we didn't mind. Then we had this game were you go in doubles and one of each others legs are tied to each others. My partner was Oscar and Andy said we were very cooperative. The last move was the crab walk. It was hard but I did twitch confidence. Then we had the sponge contest. The teacher split us to teams and the idea was that whoever has the most water in his bucket is the winner. That was so fun because it is a very refreshing game. Then we had the long jump. I am very good at the long jump because I have long legs and I run fast. The teachers were measuring the high score for the girls and the high score for the boys. I got the high score for the boys after two jumps. Then we went to the activity called late for school. In that activity we split into 3 teams and each team had a set of clothes the goal was to put a shirt, pants, hat and something like a watch on yourself and then run give a high five to the person in line and run back, get everything off and run back and then the next person goes. After that we had a rest for 1 hour because lunch and the rest went together. As we ate lunch we saw the parents against the teachers in the rope pulling contest. It seamed like the parents were winning but they didn't put much pressure and the teachers won them. After that we had the grade 2 - 5 racing. My class were suppose to run only 60 meters but the Mr. Jake told us that we are going to run a 100. When it was our turn my heart was pumping so fast and I felt  nervous. When he said go  went as fast as I can to the finish line. Unfortunately I didn't win but I came second after Paul. After all the racing the ceremony went and we got this certificate of coming and then we went to the party bus that took us to the Element to ice - kate.  
3/8/2010 03:11:03 am

Wow you sure did do alot of sport!
You can write really good You should keep up with this blog for a long time you know!

Daredevil 20
3/10/2010 08:21:20 am

Your Sports Day sounds really cool!!!
You must enjoy writing. You wrote a lot.

3/16/2010 03:14:39 am

Its nice to know that you enjoy doing all these sports! How do you keep up doing all these sports? What made you in the passion to do so many sports? Your life seem really fun!


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