After laying on the grass and relaxing they continued on their way. Mom and Dad took a rest while Joe and Janie were catching up with them. Janie and Joe knew how close they were so, they didn't walk fast at all. They were so slow that even the half hour break that their parents did wasn't enough for them to catch up. Both doubles were only a few hundred meters from the meeting point and both could see different signs saying "Out of Mog Forest, to carpark entarence" and it would say 500 meters or 300 meters or something like that. Now the time was almost 8 P.M. but their was no way either teams are going to stop.
As I told you Janie and Joe were only a few hundred meters away but then Mom and Dad were continuing on their way to the meeting point. Unfortunately Joe and Janie did not know how close they were to their parents, so they didn't run to them. Mom and Dad were only a kilometer away and Janie and Joe were about 1 kilometer and 500 meter. Janie and Joe took a little rest for about 30 minutes. As they were laying on the nice cool grass, they closed their eyes for a few minutes and memorized the amazing adventure they have been through and how brave have they been, to stay in the scary huge forest that surrounded them for over two days.
Because Joe and Janie got so relaxed they got asleep for like an hour or so. After they woke up and discovered what happened and what have they done, they quickly got their bags on and continued in their journey. The time was already 3 and the meeting point was way far away from their eyes. On the other side Mom and Dad have almost finished the journey so they decided to look around and search for their poor kids. They have searched for 2 hours, but for their dissapointment they didn't find anyone. The time was already 4 in the afternoon, and while Dad and Mom where crying Janie and Joe where getting closser to their sad and ashaimed parents, in fact they were only a few hundred meter from them.       
They decided to walk faster and not to argue no matter what so they don't lose any time on stupid arguments. Before they started walking they solved all the turns and where they are going to be for the next 2 kilometers on the map with the compass. After they solved everything they started walking. The current time was 1 o'clock in the afternoon so they decided to walk for 5 hours and stop every 1 hour for 25 minutes so they don't get too tired so they don't drink much water, so they don't ran out of water. They started walking for 30 minutes and then heard the sound of the water going slowly in and out their ears, so they decided that could be a good place to stop. When they saw the river it was outstanding! There were waterfalls falling out of the trees and the fish were jumping all the time, it was just beautiful and the best place to just lay and relax.  
That's for you Andy -
The next day Janie woke up Joe early in the mornig so they could continue on their way. Yesterday they didn't travel a lot beacuse of all the working out and thinking thing so they had to catch up half way because they were prety sure Mom and Dad were already a long way more then them. As they thought, because of Dad's knowlegde about maps and camping they were already half way through the journy while Janie and Joe the kids were only a kilometer past the time the family got seperated.   
The next morning Joe woke up Janie. They used some of their snacks that they had in their bags for breakfast. Although they didn't eat much because they didn't want want to ran out of food. On the other side of the forest Dad and Mom woke up worried and scared. They took off their pajamas and then ate some fruits they had in their bags. At the same time Janie and Joe have finally worked out how to use a compass. They also had a map of the forest. They knew where they where and also where the meeting point was, so all they had to do was to follow the map and the compass and get to the meeting point. On the other side Mom and Dad were all already on their way to the meeting point. Now both doubles will use their knowledge of finding themselves and cooperating to get to the meeting point.
It was getting late and Janie and Joe decided to build a tent and set their mission tomorrow. Likely Dad already explained them how to build a tent. On the other side Mom was crying while Dad was building the tent in sad boring face. After Janie and Joe finally got the tent build they put their pajamas and went to sleep. After Dad build the tent they sat down in the tent and thought about what bad parents they are and how they are so irresponsible. After a while they got tiered and went to sleep.   
After about 5 kilometers of walking, they decided to stop for a little snack because they were tired. While they where seating Dad told them about when he was young and when he went to the same forest with his Dad. Then suddenly!!! they saw a black big bear running towards them!!! Janie and Joe ran to the West and Mom and Dad to the East. They all ran as fast as they could in curves to confuse they angry bear. The bear did eventually get confused  and gave up.  After they caught their breath they realized that they had been separated during the chase. Janie and Joe tried to find Mom and Dad and Mom and Dad tried to find Janie and Joe. They searched for each other for the whole afternoon. Janie and Joe were confused. They realized that their parents were too far away from them so, they decided to go to the meeting point.
Before they sat off Mom was talking to Janie and Joe about where they would go if somebody got lost in the forest or they got separated somehow. After Mom spoke to them, they promised they would go to the entrance of the forest where their car would be parked. They all got their camping bags and put them in the trunk and off they went excited about their big journey in to forest.

It took around 25 minutes to get to the car - park entrance. They got their camping bags out of the car, and off they went to the big forest. First, they looked around  the forest and they could hear the sound of the beautiful special birds that were flying over the tall thick trees of the beautiful Mog forest.

                            The Compass

The Turner family woke up early to pack their bags and all their important belongings for the camping trip in the Mog forest. The camp was located about 5 miles from their house in busy Beijing. They were going camping because Dad thought it was useful. He wanted to teach Janie and Joe his children, the skills of how to build a tent, use a compass and other important skills you have to know about camping.