Janie finally got to the entrance of the car - park. She sat joe on a bench and let him relax a little.
Janie was looking for Mom and Dad but the were not there. JAnie stopped a taxi and told her to go to Kennedy Road where they lived. After she paid for the taxi, they got of. Janie walked to the bell and pressed on it. Mom and Dad heard the bell and ran to the door. They opened the door and there was their children, sweetie, tiered and injured. Mom and Dad took them inside. Mom put some cream on Joe's big cut and then took him to take a bath. Janie took a bath too. After they got refreshed, they ate a big tasty dinner. They were both talking about their journey, but Mom and Dad talked on the most is how sorry they are for letting such a thing happen. Janie and Joe took their apology and after the big dinner they went to SLEEP.