Now Mom and Dad were already in the entrance waiting for their children to step out of the deep, scary forest and run to them as fast as they could. Janie and Joe were running along the rail to the meeting point when suddenly, Joe tripped over a log and cut his leg very badly. Janie was trying to come him down but the pain was to strong for Joe to stop crying. The cut was big and he was losing a lot of blood. Janie put 10 small plasters to stop the blood of coming out. Unfortunately Joe could not walk so Janie had to cary him. For their luck Janie was 13 years old and Joe was 11 years old so Joe was lighter which mint it was easier for Janie to cary Joe than if Joe would have to cary Janie.
Mom and Dad decided to take a taxi home. they felt so terrible on themselves and thought where could their children be.       

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