They decided to walk faster and not to argue no matter what so they don't lose any time on stupid arguments. Before they started walking they solved all the turns and where they are going to be for the next 2 kilometers on the map with the compass. After they solved everything they started walking. The current time was 1 o'clock in the afternoon so they decided to walk for 5 hours and stop every 1 hour for 25 minutes so they don't get too tired so they don't drink much water, so they don't ran out of water. They started walking for 30 minutes and then heard the sound of the water going slowly in and out their ears, so they decided that could be a good place to stop. When they saw the river it was outstanding! There were waterfalls falling out of the trees and the fish were jumping all the time, it was just beautiful and the best place to just lay and relax.  
That's for you Andy -

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