As usual we woke up and had some breakfast. Then all of us (that includes me, my Dad, my sister, Tamara, Giora and Gaya), came with Ken and took to many different cool places we have never been to, like the Gondola. We went all over different mountains and different cable cars. It was awesome! The onlt porblem we had is my hands got frozen and it hurts especially if you nedd to go to a hot place and you have to wait like 10 minunts (I will tell you about it in a different paragraph). Anyway after my hands got better we were on our way to the hotel. I went to the Onson with my Dad to relax a little from the big day we had. After eating dinner and playing some pool the lights in the bar suddenly turned off and everyone sang the happy birthday song. Then a cake came and the person cut the cake and gave to me, my family, Tamara, Gaya and some other nice people that we met just in the hotel. For me it was the best way to finish my birthday.

Ever since the first time I went skiing my hand gets frozen from the coldness after a while. My Dad and I are currently trying to solve the problem and I can't wait until it will, you see if your hands get frozen all the time it's not that fun skiing or doing anything that has something to do with coldness.  
We woke in the morning and had some delicious breakfast. After a refreshing meal my sister Daphne went with the hotel manager's (the captain) son Ken. Ken is a ski very nice ski coach that had trained me last year. After we checked Daphne was with Ken my Dad me and Tamara (Tamara is the daughter of Giora a friend of my Dad from work) went skiing around Sun Valley (the ski area we were), until Daphne's lesson was done. About half and hour before we had to come back we went to this one hill that is really easy but at the sides their were lots of little hills that people used. One time I saw this person that did a flip in the air with his snowboard and didn't fall!!! isn't that amazing. We decided to try those hills and it was FUN!!! I almost went a meter in the air. After a couple of times we stopped and came back to the hotel where we met Daphne and ate some lunch. After that we continued until the end of the day. Then we ate dinner went to the Onson, Daphne went to Giora"s room because it had a bath so we used it. After all that we relaxed in the lobby and finally after I read in my book I went to sleep. 
In the morning we woke up had breakfast and then went to our room to get organized for the first ski day!!! The day was beautiful and there was good snow (a good first day). After we irst we got organized we got our skis and off we went for the first day of skiing. First we started with easy lines, just so we can get into it. After a vey nice and slow day we where in the lobby and I met and Italian kid whitch was vey nice. We played sone pool and then it was time for dinner. Dinner in that hotel is always Japanese so I had to find some stuff that I liked. likely I found some chiken that I liked and the dessert was nice. After that we went to the lobby for a while. In the lobby I played pool, watched T.V. played on the computer and then we went to the Onson. Now my sister daphne is a girl and we were 2 boys so we couldn't enter the girls Onson and that was the problem (I don't really want to talk about that Onson problem).

What is The Onson
The Onson is a Japnese tredisional shower. The boys are in one shower and the girls are in the another. When you get into the Onson you take your clothes off. After you have done that you take a shower with body wash and shampoo. After that you go into a very very hot bath and after that you finish your bath. I think it's very refreshing 
On Saturday the 13th of February 2010 I went with my Dad and my sister to ski in Japan. The place in Japan was near Nagano is called Shiga Kogen. We have been skiing in the same ski place last year and we where going to the same hotel we have been to last year.
On 9:30 A.M. we took a Cathay Pacific flight to Narita Airport in Tokyo Japan. After a short flight of about 3 hours and 40 minutes we got a taxi that took us to the ski area. There were 3 more people on the taxi, one was going to visit his family in Nagano and the other two got off somewhere near Nagano and took another smaller taxi to their destination. After driving for about 5 and a half hours we finally got to the ski area. After putting all our baggage our room we went to rent our ski boots, skis, helmet and suit. My Dad didn't need any suit or boots because he had those already. After that we sat a little at the bar there and got a little rest from the long journey we had, and then took a shower (Japanese Onson: I will tell you about it in my next post) we went to sleep.