We woke up and had some breakfast. Then we all got ready and went to the beach again. It was again a sunny day so my Mom put a lot of sun screen on me. I spend some time in the pool and sometimes in the sea, I also played some ping - pong with my Dad. Then everybody went to eat lunch. Lunch was delicious. After that we played a little on the sand and then Itai (the Dad in the Strum family), my Dad, Evyatar, Daphne and I went on a sail in the catamaran. Itai sailed the catamaran because he knew how to (so is my Dad, they were sailing in the army together). My Dad and I sat on the sides and Evyatar and Daphne sat in the seats inside the catamaran. It was awesome because there were waves that kept on hitting my butt. We were on the catamaran for 15 minutes and then we decided to head to the beach. We were at the beach for a little more and then we headed to our estate to get organized for dinner. After everybody got organized we went to eat dinner. Today dinner was at the hotel restaurant. I have got to say the food was great but it was the slowest restaurant I have ever been to. Our dessert came before the adult's main meal came. We were stuck there for like 4 hours with mosquitos eating us alive. After the long dinner I went straight to bed.