Today was a big day. We were going on a boat that would take us to a reef were we could snorkel and to a little beach on an Island. When we got on we checked the boat. The boat was very cool. The lady gave us some drinks. We played a little and talked and then got a little board but then we finally got to the snorkeling area. We all put on the snorkeling gear and jumped in. It was incredible! There were so many fish and corals. First there were mostly fish and no corals and then there was so many different corals and sea urchins. I was in the water for like 30 minutes and 15 minutes after we head out. I played with the kids a little and then we ate lunch on the boat. Then we got to the beach. Everyone was steal eating so we decided to stay until we finished. Itai and my Dad swam to the beach and then came back when we were still eating. My Mom didn't feel good so she went to the beach to relax in the shade. Evyatar and I decided to go with her. when we got on the beach we saw a shade are so we sat there. Evyatar and I were searching for small crabs. We found some but they kept on running away. After that everybody came. Some headed in the water some didn't. I was trying to catch a fish. After a while the fish got used to me and I was so close to catching one, but we had to go. My Dad was so relaxed he almost fell asleep. After we got on our boat were heading home. It took us like an hour to get to the beach and the whole sailing thing took like 5 hours. After that it was already 5:30 P.M. so we decided to go to our estate. Everyone got a good shower. We were in the living room for a while and then we had dinner. After that we just talked and talked until people got tired and eventually went to bed.
At the small beach after we snorkeled.
Behind my Dad and I is the place were we snorkeled.