We woke up and had breakfast. Then we went to the beach. As usual I was in the pool a lot and sometimes in the sea. It was too windy to play ping - pong but it was hot as usual. Because the snorkeling was so fun me and my Dad decided that in 4 o'clock after lunch we will go snorkeling just in the reef next to the beach. 4 o'clock was a perfect time because it was steal worm but you didn't need any hat or sunscreen. Me and my Dad sat off. The water was so sallow. We were scared that if there would be to many sea urchins we would accidentally heat one of them and get hurt, but for the whole time we were in the water seeing beautiful corals and fish we saw only one very big sea urchin, so what we did was just go to the different direction of the urchin and continue on our way. For dinner we organized sort of like a buffet for people who were friends of the Strum family who were suppose to come to our estate for dinner. Unfortunately nobody showed up so we decided to eat without them. Don't worry they never came. That small buffet was delicious including the deserts we had. After that we talked and listened to music a little and after a while everybody decided to go to bed.