We woke up in the morning and ate breakfast. After that we just sat in the lobby doing random stuff until we would have to go. This time for the coming back we decided to take the bullet train with Giora and his daughters. We thought of using the train because it take 45 minutes to get to the train station and then the bullet train takes an 1 hour and a half to get to Tokyo and then you take another train that takes an hour to the airport, which means it's faster to get their, we have our friends with us and it could be a fun experience to ride in the 2nd fastest train in the World!!!
After about 5 minutes in the car that was taking us to he station we saw a group of monkeys on the side of the road and some of them were on the road. After 45 minutes in the car we took our bags out of the car that took us to the station. We had a whole hour until the train will board so we went to mcdonald's. Their we ate a small meal and then sat off to the train. When we got on the train it was so cool! I asked my Dad if all the seats are that cool and he said that we just paid more money to be in like first class seat in the train. The train was awesome because the seats were nice and comfy and we got to Tokyo station in only an hour and a half. But then we had to take the train to Narita Airport which is slow so it takes around an hour. Before we got of the train to Narita we said good bye to Giora and his daughters and then we sat of to the airport. When we got on the plane, we saw it is a boing 747 (Jumbo) which means it is a two floor airplane with better Economy Class seat that have movies and other cool. The flight was long but it went fast and after we got our luggage we sat of to the Airport Express. The Airport Express took us to the Hong Kong Station nice and fast and then we met my Mom and my Aunt and her daughter.