We woke up and had some big breakfast. Then Daphne Evyater (the son of the Strum Family) and I went to the swimming pool in our Estate. All the parents were talking about that these Estate doesn't fit the amount of people we had, so we talked to the manager and they said they will move us to another Estate that we saw and we thought was good for us. So until they moved all our stuff to the other Estate we went to the beach. The beach was so nice. The sand was so soft and they had a  main pool there too. I checked how cold the water was in the sea and it was so warm. I have never felt such hot water in the sea. But I didn't stay there long until I decided to go the pool. The pool was awesome. I found these cool jump I can do on the pool. After the pool I sat with my Mom and ate some lunch in the bar. I played with her Jenga. Jenga is this game were you have the building and you have to take as much parts from the building as you can without making it fall. After I ate my lunch we stayed there for some more and then went back to our new Estate. We went to the pool there again and after that it was already dinner time. In dinner we just stayed in the Estate and the 2 helpers (they were boys) called the kitchen to make us dinner. Dinner was great, Although I can't memorize what food we had but I know it was delicious. After that we stayed up till late and talked with everybody. I mostly played with Yoav the cute baby. After all that long day we went to sleep. 

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