Today the Strum family were leaving in the evening. In the morning all the boys and Daphne went to ride elephants. On the way Daphne was on the front of the elephant and so did I. Everybody was so dehydrated. It was boiling. After we got off them we went straight to buy a drink. I finished my drink in around 30 seconds. We went in the van and started going to the resort. When we got back everybody went to the beach. Again I was in the pool and then ate some lunch. Then I went with my Dad to snorkel.
Today we decided to take a kano to a deeper place in the sea. We got there and tied our kano into the ballon thing in the sea. Then we put on the equipment and jumped in. It was steal shallow although we did sea a new kind of thing. We saw a huge school of fish.
It was very nice. Then we heat marshmallows and went to the estate because the Strum family had to pack up. After they packed up we went with them on the baggy to say good - bye. After they checked out they went in the van and went off. We went back to the estate to have dinner. After the lovely dinner we went to the pool and after that went to sleep.
Pictures of my Dad, my sister and I on the elephants. Here is a link about elephants
All of us at the beach at the
Four Seasons Resort
4/11/2010 04:28:34 pm

Well done Omer this is a great report on your holiday. What did you see when you went snorkeling are you trying to learn about the fish that you see underwater. Here is a website that will help you learn what the creatures are.

4/21/2010 12:23:55 pm

You had a fun holiday! It's a beautiful place in Samui. I've never ridden on an elephant before. Was it scary? It looks fun though.


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