Day #6

We woke up. After a good breakfast we walked along the lake.
We climbed on a tree. From there we continued to a place called Puzzling World.
Puzzling World is a place for puzzling. I did the big maze. The big maze is a place were you need to get to all 4 towers and back to the start. It was very very hard for me and my dad but we worked it out. Then we continued to Queens Town.
From there we went straight to a big swimming pool with water slides. After that we ate dinner and went to sleep.
1/8/2010 10:43:24 am

This is a great picture of you getting ready to go down the luge. Perhaps you could find a link to the company that run the luge so other people can see more what you did. This holiday looks like it was a great adventure and you also got to see lots of different wildlife. Perhaps when you're older you too can ride a paraglider.


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