Day #8

We woke up at Queens Town. We ate breakfast at our room and went to the city again. We went to see some Kiwi but then we decided to go on the cable car again (The Kiwi place was close to the cable car). At the cable car my sister and I did the Luge again and our parents waited for us in a café place. Then my mom was a risk – taker and did the Paragliding (It's something she always wanted to do). She said the view was incredible from up there (That day was nice and sunny). Then we ate lunch at a family restaurant and continued on our way to Te Anau. When we got to the hotel we went to see glowworms. We took a boat to a cave which was dark and walked in it until we got to a place in the cave were a little boat took us around a place were most of the glowworms where. After that we came back to our hotel.

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