In the morning we woke up had breakfast and then went to our room to get organized for the first ski day!!! The day was beautiful and there was good snow (a good first day). After we irst we got organized we got our skis and off we went for the first day of skiing. First we started with easy lines, just so we can get into it. After a vey nice and slow day we where in the lobby and I met and Italian kid whitch was vey nice. We played sone pool and then it was time for dinner. Dinner in that hotel is always Japanese so I had to find some stuff that I liked. likely I found some chiken that I liked and the dessert was nice. After that we went to the lobby for a while. In the lobby I played pool, watched T.V. played on the computer and then we went to the Onson. Now my sister daphne is a girl and we were 2 boys so we couldn't enter the girls Onson and that was the problem (I don't really want to talk about that Onson problem).

What is The Onson
The Onson is a Japnese tredisional shower. The boys are in one shower and the girls are in the another. When you get into the Onson you take your clothes off. After you have done that you take a shower with body wash and shampoo. After that you go into a very very hot bath and after that you finish your bath. I think it's very refreshing 

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