We woke in the morning and had some delicious breakfast. After a refreshing meal my sister Daphne went with the hotel manager's (the captain) son Ken. Ken is a ski very nice ski coach that had trained me last year. After we checked Daphne was with Ken my Dad me and Tamara (Tamara is the daughter of Giora a friend of my Dad from work) went skiing around Sun Valley (the ski area we were), until Daphne's lesson was done. About half and hour before we had to come back we went to this one hill that is really easy but at the sides their were lots of little hills that people used. One time I saw this person that did a flip in the air with his snowboard and didn't fall!!! isn't that amazing. We decided to try those hills and it was FUN!!! I almost went a meter in the air. After a couple of times we stopped and came back to the hotel where we met Daphne and ate some lunch. After that we continued until the end of the day. Then we ate dinner went to the Onson, Daphne went to Giora"s room because it had a bath so we used it. After all that we relaxed in the lobby and finally after I read in my book I went to sleep. 

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