As usual we woke up and had some breakfast. Then all of us (that includes me, my Dad, my sister, Tamara, Giora and Gaya), came with Ken and took to many different cool places we have never been to, like the Gondola. We went all over different mountains and different cable cars. It was awesome! The onlt porblem we had is my hands got frozen and it hurts especially if you nedd to go to a hot place and you have to wait like 10 minunts (I will tell you about it in a different paragraph). Anyway after my hands got better we were on our way to the hotel. I went to the Onson with my Dad to relax a little from the big day we had. After eating dinner and playing some pool the lights in the bar suddenly turned off and everyone sang the happy birthday song. Then a cake came and the person cut the cake and gave to me, my family, Tamara, Gaya and some other nice people that we met just in the hotel. For me it was the best way to finish my birthday.

Ever since the first time I went skiing my hand gets frozen from the coldness after a while. My Dad and I are currently trying to solve the problem and I can't wait until it will, you see if your hands get frozen all the time it's not that fun skiing or doing anything that has something to do with coldness.  

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