Today was our last day skiing. First as usual we had breakfast and then we got organized for our last skiing day. After that me, my sister and my Dad went for some challenges around sun valley. we did lots of reds and some blacks. I think this was the best part in the whole vacation. After skiing in the morning we had some good udon soup for lunch. After that we ate some lunch Ken took us to the exact same place we went yesterday. In about the end we had to stop because my hands got real frozen. After they got better we continued on our way. Some of the ways were easy (green) so we used them for training on our style. After we got to sun valley we said good bye to the skiing area as we went into the hotel. After we put regular clothes on, we staid in the lobby and then after a while we had some dinner. Dinner wasn't so bad and after I ate my meal I went up to the lobby. In the lobby I played pool, looked at funny stuff in youtube and burned some delicious marshmallows. After that we packed our luggage we went to sleep.   

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